We supply all types of pool fencing for DIY installations to the public and trade. We can also supply relevant documentation for shire applications if required.

Follow our 10 easy steps:

  1. Fill out our pool fence planner
  2. Draw your proposed fencing including the position of the gate/s around the pool
  3. Mark on the planner the position of any garden beds or walls within 1200mm of proposed pool fence
  4. State type of fencing is required e.g. frameless, semi-frameless or stainless steel
  5. Add your measurements in the appropriate places
  6. Scan and email to info@clear-az-glassfencing.com.au
  7. Receive quote via return email
  8. Choose pick-up or delivery option
  9. Choose nano glass protection
  10. Order and pay via card, cash or bank transfer

Find out more about the rules governing pool and spas here…