Grime, weather and hand prints are the enemy of any glass pool fencing. It can make your pool setting go from stylish to dull in no time, especially when that Fremantle Doctor rolls in across Perth.

We hear you asking, “How can I keep my glass pool fence clean?” Well, this is a question we get asked often! And don’t worry, once you know how, glass fences are quite easy to maintain – without having to spend too much time, effort and money.

Thankfully, Chris and the experienced team here at Clear-Az-Glass Fencing, are not only the installation experts, but they know the best way to clean a glass pool fence, leaving it sparkling clean.

How to Clean Your Glass Pool Fence

At Clear Az, our glass pool fences are coated with a product called Nano NG 1010. This product protects your glass over the long term and dramatically reduces the likelihood of the glass being permanently damaged or discoloured from the corrosion and staining, caused by chemicals and minerals left behind by water.

To ensure that the surface treatment performs at its best all year round, there are some minimum maintenance instructions that should be followed.

Maintenance Tips for Cleaning your Glass Pool Fence

How often the glass of your pool fence needs to be cleaned will depend on the surrounding environmental conditions and pollution levels. There are many glass pool fence treatments out there on the market, however, we recommend the following when wondering how to clean your glass pool fence:

– For regular maintenance, standard glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner can be used.
– A scratch free, white pad can be used on more stubborn stains
– Most dust, dirt, salt and other materials are washed off with rain, when the glass is fully exposed. In dry weather, these materials can be mostly removed by hosing with clean water. Any remaining material on the glass can be easily removed using a wet (damp) micro fibre cloth and dried using a towel or chamois.
– To avoid a large build-up of material on the glass, either rinse after use with fresh water or wipe down with a microfiber cloth or a squeegee.
– If tap water is particularly hard, or with salt water (high mineral content), rinse or wipe down once a week.
– In situation with high mineral content in water, mild alkaline cleaners with the property of calcium removal can be used. Please try on a small area first.
– The glass can be cleaned with high water pressure system. NG 1010 cannot be removed by high water pressure. When cleaning with water with high mineral content, please use a water softener or dry the glass with a squeegee.

How to Clean the Aluminium Rails, Balustrades and Posts of your Glass Pool Fence:

– Aluminium surfaces should be washed down with warm water in conjunction with a “soft” cleaner such as dish-washing liquid.
– Fibre brushes may be used to loosen dirt and grime, but abrasive papers or emery must not be used.
– It is essential to finish off the cleaning by thoroughly rinsing all washed surfaces with clean water.
– Where there has been a greasy deposit the surface should be washed with a white spirit using a soft cloth.

How to Clean Stainless steel Areas of your Glass Pool Fence:

– Washing with soap or a mild detergent and warm water followed by a clean water rinse is usually quite adequate.
– An enhanced appearance will be achieved if the cleaned surface is finally wiped dry.
– We suggest using the Nano NH 2015 product cleaning and preserving the look of your stainless. It repels water and prevents adherence of foreign matter on the surface.

Do Not Use These Products

There are many glass pool fence cleaning products and treatments on the market, however, we recommend when keeping your glass pool fence clean, that you DO NOT use the following:

– Products containing hydrofluoric acid or fluorine derivatives
– Products containing highly acidic and alkaline products
– Metal scrapers, blades or steel wool

Suggested Glass Pool Fence Cleaning Schedule

Follow Chris’ cleaning schedule below and you will have a clean glass pool fence in no time:

Type of environment Treatment     Maintenance  Intervals (Max)     Recommended

Mild                                                           6 Months                                            Warm wash with recommended cleaner

Moderate                                                 3 Months                                            Warm wash with recommended cleaner

Tropical / severe                                     2 – 4 Weeks                                        Warm wash with recommended cleaner

Definitions of environments:

Mild – Being rural away from the coast and remote from industry and urban activity
Moderate – Being mainly urban, inland and away from heavy industrial activity
Tropical / severe- Being coastal / marine, subject to salt deposition and within 10k of the western coast of Australia.

Want More Tips? Contact our Team!

For more tips and advice on how to clean your glass pool fencing, please feel free to contact Chris and the team here at Clear-Az-Glass Fencing today on (08) 9402 7853.