Clear-Az-Glass supplies and installs glass balustrades in Perth. Our expert team is experienced with both exterior and interior glass balustrading.

We are dedicated to designing and installing exceptional-quality balustrades that elevate your outdoor and indoor spaces and add a touch of modern sophistication to your property. Combining functionality and style, we provide Western Australia with top-notch solutions tailored to your requirements.

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External Glass Balustrades in PerthExterior Glass Balustrades

Clear-Az-Glass delivers a trade experience that our customers will consider the best they have ever had. We have a wealth of experience designing and building external glass balustrades for Perth homes and businesses.

Opting for an external glass balustrade can add aesthetic and monetary value to your home.

As with all our products, we only use Grade A safety glass labeled with the AS/NZS compliance stamp. Marine-grade stainless steel or A-grade aluminium so your long-term safety for everyone in the house is well assured and compliant with Australian and council standards. With many styles of hardware and attachment solutions available, you will be able to find the right finish to suit your design desires.

In many cases, balconies and other elevated decking areas are required by zoning laws and regulations to have some kind of barrier. External glass balustrades have been opted for by many households as they do not compromise the aesthetic of the architecture and sacrifice absolutely nothing on safety concerns. Do not compromise; Clear-Az-Glass has the answer to keep you and your family safe and your house looking great!

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Internal Glass Balustrades PerthInternal Glass Balustrading

Stylish internal glass balustrades for stairs and balconies

Transform your home’s interiors with our elegant and contemporary internal glass balustrades for stairways and balconies.

As one of Perth’s leading specialists, we create solutions that seamlessly blend with your design aesthetic, ensuring both style and safety for your family. Discover the ultimate combination of quality craftsmanship and innovative design, proudly serving Western Australia.

Internal semi-frameless and frameless stainless steel and glass balustrading work to create stunning contemporary interiors that look great in domestic and commercial situations.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services, meaning that no matter the job you need done, we are equipped to do it! Whether it be railings on your balcony or glass panels for your stairs, we can create incredibly ornate and safe glass balustrades.

Perth customers can choose from numerous designs using glass, aluminium or stainless steel, or a combination to suit their home and commercial needs!

Trust in the experience of our team and the clarity of our communication. Our glass balustrades offer homeowners and businesses sophistication and modern, functional design that will increase the value of your home and won’t age or date your property.

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