Clear-Az-Glass Fencing is a family owned and operated glass fencing supplier in Perth, Western Australia.

Husband and wife team, Chris and Sandy founded Clear-Az-Glass with a basic core concept in mind, to create personalized glass based solutions available to the Perth public seven days a week, at a simply great price.

Chris has an extensive background spanning 35 years in the steel construction business and has honed his skills into becoming an expert fencing specialist, ensuring that every job is measured and installed precisely to your specifications and legal compliance.

Chris prides himself on his old fashioned values and is a genuine and honest operator, guaranteeing his workmanship and quality control of all components used. Chris has used his experience and devotion to the craft to create a team which have simply become some of the best glass fencing installers in Perth.

Sandy has a background in hospitality management and utilises her customer service skills to ensure that every job undertaken is managed individually and guarantees a friendly and professional service with a personal approach. When it comes to choosing a glass fencing supplier in Perth, choose the team that can supply quality workmanship and incredible customer service!

Here at Clear-Az-Glass we pride ourselves on our prompt response to your enquiries. We are available seven days a week, and have experience that enables us to offer you a quick review and estimate of whatever job you may have!

You can make the decision to use Clear-Az-Glass Fencing, knowing that you have ensured your family will be safe, especially your children, and that the job will be installed to your specifications quickly and cleanly, using quality products. All workmanship is guaranteed, by choosing Clear-Az-Glass, you know that you are choosing the premier glass fencing installers in Perth.

Personalised Glass Fencing Installers in Perth

We understand that each project requires different evaluation, planning and implementation. Whether you need installation of glass fencing around the pool or balustrading for the staircase, we work closely with you to deliver a solution to suit your budget and needs. Our products are built to align with strict safety requirements and enhance the look and value of your property.

Fittings for the panels are available in either stainless steel or aluminium. Choosing aluminium is not only more budget friendly but can also be powder coated in different colours. Regardless of what you are looking for, we help you find a style that fits and complements your property.

Simply choose the style and fitting you want and we can provide you with a comprehensive quote. We make it easy for property owners to get professional installations without compromising on quality. We work with you throughout each step of the project from start to finish.

Our wealth of industry experience allows us to complete every project to high standards and makes Clear-Az-Glass one of the premier glass fencing installers in Perth. Once installed, our solutions require minimal maintenance and deliver increased security for your property. We stand behind our services and offer a full 5 year guarantee on our workmanship.

If you are looking to attain glass fencing solutions by one of the best glass fencing suppliers in Perth, get in contact with Clear-Az-Glass today.