Why do I need to get a fence around my pool area?

In 2014, the Western Australian government release a dossier on Pool safety, outlining new rules and regulations regarding the rules for pools and spas. This document consists of a set of relatively strict guidelines surrounding pool safety and fences. According to the Building Act 2011 (WA), Building Regulations 2012 (WA) and Australian Standard (AS) 1926.1-1993 Part 1: Fencing for swimming pools (incorporating Amendment No. 1 only), safety barriers are required for in-ground, above-ground, and indoor swimming and spa pools. However, whilst the legislation demands it, getting a fence around your pool area is more than just complying with the law, it is also imperative to the safety of your family and friends.

I have a Jacuzzi/Hot Tub; does that fall under the regulations?

Yes, the definition of Spa Pools contains Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs, in fact, and body of water more than 300mm deep that isn’t emptied after use needs a barrier!

What are the benefits of getting a glass fence?

Your pool looks great, let’s keep it that way! Perth homes often opt for glass fences to protect their family without sacrificing the aesthetic of their pool! Glass fencing in Perth has been a mainstay of the industry for decades due to the popularity of the product. Clear-Az-Glass has been drafting with steel and glass for over 35 years’ so their customers know they are receiving the most innovative product and service in the industry.

How long does it take to install a fence? Is it expensive?

Glass pool fencing in Perth, WA can often be an extended process. Clear-Az-Glass is proud to be an incredibly prompt services and strive to minimize install times without sacrificing our build quality. We communicate clearly with our customers to make sure that they fully understand the glass fencing in their Perth home. The cost of having a glass pool fence in your Perth home is dependent on a range of factors, predominately the size and space that your pool resides and the type of fencing you elect for. Clear-Az-Glass strives to continue to find ways to present even more value to their customers for the money they spend. All of our services and products are cost effective. Ensure that you build your pool fencing with simply the best builders in the industry.

My pool area is oddly shaped; will you still be able to install a fence?

The Clear-Az-Glass team is built on 35 years’ experience crafting glass in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We are incredibly innovative with how we accentuate pool areas and get you the most out of your pool! We also love a challenge, so if you have an oddly shaped pool area, leave your glass pool fence to us, we might surprise you with our solutions!

Can I get in trouble for not having a fence?

For this question, we think an extract straight from the document itself wraps it up nicely, “Owners and occupiers are responsible for ensuring that any fence or barrier restricting access to a swimming or spa pool is maintained and operating effectively. If you do not comply with the Regulations and the Standard, you risk the lives of young children as well as facing substantial fines.”

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