At Clear-Az-Glass Fencing, our frameless glass balustrade products are available in several styles:

“Spigot System”: Using Duplex 2205 polished stainless steel spigots
“Post System”: Using either polished 316L stainless steel or aluminium powder coated posts
“Standoff System”: Using 316L stainless steel standoff pins which is face mounted to your balcony foundation
“Channel System”: Using a u-shaped channel which is fixed into the foundation, the glass is then grouted into the channel

All of the above frameless glass balustrades we offer are designed and fitted to meet the needs of your Perth property. Our products are supported with either a floating or top-fixed handrail which can be round, square or oblong in shape.

Most of our balustrading products use 12mm toughened safety glass, which can also be made of “14.28mm Vista View or Tough View” laminated glass. This type of balustrading does not require a handrail. We can also install “Wire and Rod Systems”, which can be designed specifically for your requirements.

To find out more about how we can design and fit frameless glass balustrade products for your Perth home, contact our team at Clear-Az-Glass Fencing today to organise a free quote!